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Scope of works

Tender Proceedings

In relation to increase of foreign investment volume in this country, tender documents that are in agreement with different practice and submitted by investors also continue to increase. Failures of contractors to win such tender proceedings are in many cases the result, although the contractors have enough experience in performance of the work itself.

The contractors are then forced to participate in tender proceedings under different contractual and delivery conditions, where these conditions are not taken into account in their offering prices, due to lack of orders from other investors.

A client requires filling of a submitted tender rigorously according to the prescribed methodology, and not keeping to these principles often leads to elimination of an applicant from the tender process.

Therefore we offer you representation in a foreign investor tender process and cooperation in performing of a submitted tender, including interpretation of conditions and discussion with the tenderer. Based on our experience with German and English speaking investor tender proceedings we will notify you about individual specifics of these tenders not only in this country, but also in case of construction abroad.

In case that we will represent an investor we will organize a contractor selection process in cooperation with the investor, including accounting for specific requirements and evaluation of the tender process. A part of this work is also recommendation for contractor selection and submission of a contract working copy.

The publication on export of construction work deals with questions of tender proceedings from acquisition of the tender to its submission to a client in detail.

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