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Scope of works

Contracts Based on FIDIC Conditions

Contracts based on FIDIC delivery conditions represent usual foreign practice, based on which a large amount of work and deliveries are performed there. A proportion of deliveries based on these conditions increases domestically, especially due to submitting European or World Bank tenders that use these conditions as a part of contractual terms.

Contractual terms of European Union support programs, like ISPA, Sapard and Phare, whose share on our markets continually increases, apply the FIDIC contractual conditions and foreign practice as well.

In case of foreign deliveries they are usually used for complete industrial plant deliveries, where documentation is prepared, with regard to its complexity and scope, by foreign consultants.

The FIDIC conditions themselves are then to a great extent specific and do not come close to both VOB and BGB conditions, since they originally come out of British precedent law. Especially texts of contracts that are concluded based on these conditions do not correspond to our customs, and law language and complicated formulations then present significant problems in interpretation for our contractors.

Detailed interpretation of these conditions is a part of the publication on export of building construction and the book on contracts and prices in foreign construction.

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