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Who we are

Dear business friends,

We dare to introduce you the MP Consulting Company and its current activities on the investment construction market.

The MP Consulting Company was founded on April 15, 1994, with the target of comprehensive care of the client during the process of investment construction, to the extent and based on services accustomed according to foreign practice.

Mr.Milan Oleríny, MSc. founder of the Company, has many years' practice in cooperating with foreign clients. He worked abroad during the years 1984 - 1992: through the Foreign Trade Company "Strojexport" for one of Germany's biggest construction companies Walter Bau, AG (former Walter-Thosti-Boswau - WTB) during the construction of a steel plant in Libya. In 1984, he prepared the action right in Germany, in 1986 - 1992 on site where he was responsible for the whole technical preparation of the construction. Later he worked as foreman,shift foreman, site manager and director of Branch Office for steel melt shop and, in 1990, he presented the constructional work to the Arabian client through the Krupp Essen Company. He then continued working on site until 1992, when the production of steel itself was already in operation.

With regard to the growth of foreign investments in our country, the volume of tender documents which our companies obtain from foreign clients has also been growing. Therefore, our suppliers get in touch with completely different practice than that included in Czech Commercial Code, and that's why they are often unsuccessful as to tender proceedings.

The clients present contractual conditions that correspond to conditions of delivery of VOB or BGB (German practice), or the FIDIC conditions (international practice) which Czech suppliers have no experience with. Thus, being represented during the tender proceedings with a foreign client can distinctively improve your chance to obtain an order. If contracts according to a different practice are presented, we shall prepare the interpretation of the contracts for you, and we shall warn you about the differences compared with Czech usual practice. If you have already concluded contracts for the deliveries of constructional work, we shall find a solution for you to eliminate the contractor's risks arising from such contracts.

Sometimes, the contractor is obliged to create a different Organizational Responsibility Chart (ORC) or Organizational Analysis Table (OAT), or to keep more administration according to the contract - evaluation of time schedules, claim agenda etc. If so, we shall create an organizational structure that corresponds to what is requested by the client, and we shall establish the requested agenda according to the contract.

Sometimes, a simple explanation of the contract with the client, or the establishment of project organization can be sufficient, in other cases we shall offer you the maintenance of the whole claim agenda towards the client, or the project management of the construction as a whole.

If the client requires coordination of constructional work or HVAC, we shall do it on your behalf, and we shall document all third persons' faults that have obstructed the progress of your work and caused additional costs. In such case, we shall evaluate all time and financial impacts incurred by you due to third persons' activities on site.

If documentation of the construction was presented, we shall accomplish, in cooperation with the client, the tender for the contractor, and we shall evaluate the tender together with the client. In accordance with the required practice, we shall then conclude the contract for the construction work, also in accordance with the conditions of foreign practice (FIDIC, VOB, BGB, AIA, D/B or BOT).

In any case, contracts for construction are so specific that it is possible, after the aim has been set, to find suitable scope of work and output that will be secured for you, and in cooperation with you, by MP Consulting.

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