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Publications about Overseas Construction and Tender Proceedings

Vývozu staveních prací a tendrových řízeníchBased on his many-year experience and practice in cooperating with foreign clients, Mr. Oleríny wrote a book on "Overseas Construction and Tender Proceedings" that was published in BertelsmannSpringer Publishing House in Prague in September 2000.

The contents of the publications, which is the first one of the kind on Czech market, is stated below, including the cover of the book. If you have got the book already, please send us your remarks to the address mentioned on the first page.

The publication is possible to be bought at the Publisher's - the Company

Nádražní 32,
150 00 Praha 5
kontaktní osoba: ing. Paťorek, tel: 02/9635 1309, fax: 02/22190104
email: [email protected]

The publication is also available at Kanzelsberger's bookstrores.

» Contenct of the book – HTML

» Contenct of the book - PDF: Page #1 | Page #2 | Page #3 | Page #4

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