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Scope of works

Claim Agenda

This is a specific activity, which is done especially in case of contracts with foreign investors, since it stems out of the contracts in most cases. This agenda can also be managed by an investor, with the goal of documenting all contractor’s faults during construction.

In case the agenda is managed directly by the contractor, it is primarily used as a measure to apply contractor’s requirements towards the investor. The claims can stem out of agreement provisions with an investor - from an agreement that is already closed - or they can be presented in a form of contractor’s requests to perform or coordinate work at a construction site, or they can stem out of changes to project documentation.

The target of the claim agenda is to evaluate these requirements, and in case they have an impact on fulfillment conditions and cause increased costs to the contractor, apply the costs to the investor.

Agenda methodology is conditioned by a contract type and usual practice, with which investor requirement submissions are managed. These procedures are then different in case of contracts, concluded based on VOB and BGB conditions, and different in case of contracts based on FIDIC delivery conditions. Practically in all cases an output of this agenda is a qualified submission of additional contractor’s requirements, including financial accounting and impacts on schedule of a construction progress. The claim agenda has unsubstitutable function especially in case of more construction contractors, in a sequence of construction and technological work, or assumed disputes with an investor.

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