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Scope of works

Contracts Based on VOB and BGB Conditions

Even though a share of tender proceedings and contracts based on VOB and BGB conditions, which represent usual German custom, continues to increase, our contractors do not have enough experience with them. With regard to increase of orders by German speaking investors in our country, and in relation to our integration into European structures, the amount of the mentioned contract types, concluded based on these conditions, will continue to increase.

The mentioned conditions are submitted to Czech contractors primarily by German speaking investors, or by consultant or developer companies, or they are used in subcontracting agreements between foreign companies and our contracting firms. In many cases misunderstanding of these conditions is a cause of significant loss for a contractor.

On the other hand we have to mention that the above mentioned conditions of construction work deliveries are so specific, and some provisions of these contractual conditions are so different in comparison with our construction practice, that interpretation of such contracts and lay interpretation of these conditions by "common sense“ will not help a contractor at all.

Especially subsidiaries of German companies or consulting firms have their own tailored VOB contractual conditions beyond their project management system. These conditions are relentlessly enforced by an investor, and achieving a change in the text of these conditions is rather exceptional for a contractor.

If you get these delivery conditions, we will notify you about differences to our usual practice and perform an analysis of these conditions, including determination of risk, which results from them for you during construction.

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