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Scope of works

EU Projects

Contractual base for projects, co-financed by EU funds, still remain FIDIC contractual conditions that are most often used in modified versions, so called Yellow or Red Book. Even though initial conditions correspond to the Law On Public Works or Law On Public Provisions (this is a practice in the Slovak Republic), a significant specific portion of a project still remains that corresponds more to FIDIC condition practice, than to our commercial and construction contract one based on the Commercial Code. In this case it is not merely creation of the Specific FIDIC contractual conditions, but especially of other technical base documents that will enable a client to unambiguously define work requirements and its scope.

Since a proportion of extra work submitted by contractors continuously increases after a working contract is concluded, this can be eliminated by complete and unambiguous description of the work in the form of standards, technical specifications, general technical construction requirements, as well as descriptions of functions and requirements for construction materials, standards and work. A project prepared in this form of client assignment significantly decreases a possibility that a contractor increases a contractual price and prolongs a construction period.

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