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Scope of works

Time Planning

Time planning is one of the tools to manage construction projects, especially in case of more complex deliveries, when there are activities of more companies and construction and technological deliveries. A contractor encounters the time planning during a tender process already. Unless he obtained the time schedule from a tenderer, he is usually forced to make them and submit them in the tender process together with an offer.

For the contractor the time plan is an instrument to manage a construction, and our contractors underestimate its updating and regular evaluations, including evaluations of investor obligations. The time plan and its updating is a part of a claim agenda, which a contractor leads against an investor in many cases.

Therefore a part of our offer is making of time schedules for tender proceedings, possibly already for a construction itself in German or English languages and their continuous updating in agreement with foreign investors’ practice.

The time plan and its updating are used for monitoring of fulfillment of individual partial construction deadlines and also as a base for a claim agenda by an investor.

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